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Welcome to the Blayney Blades Website

Blayney Blades Women's Group was established in 1995
to support women and their families. In the last 16 years
Blayney Blades have been responsible for empowering,
encouraging and enabling women of all ages to return to
Education and access employment through our key areas
of work as follows:

Background on Blayney Blades Ltd.

How Blayney Blades started

Blayney Blades Ltd. grew out of the provision of women's self-development and household management class initiated and run by the Parish Sister, Sr. Celine and sponsored by Castleblayney Trust.

The vision is that women and their families in the Castleblayney area have access to all the personal, social and educational help they require in their quest for a fuller and involved life. Our mission as a women's group is to be committed to promoting and supporting the Holistic Development of women and their families so that they may develop their own potential and play an active role in their communities.

Blayney Blades recognizes and respects the experience and contribution of each person. We strive to operate in an open and inclusive manner, which promotes equality, social justice and respect for all creation. We are open and accountable to our members, to our users, to our founders and to the wider community in all aspects of our work.

At present we provide services in the following areas, Education and Training, Counselling, information/ Taster Nights, Moving On Programme, Workshops and a Yearly Seminar.